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-|-|- -   -    -     -      -       shut down the pump 16 february 2018

thoughts and prayers
thoughts and prayers
thoughts and prayers

carthagio delenda est.

shut. down. the. pump.

::::::: 💔  ~l.m. childe
-|-|- -   -    -     -      -       dispatches from flickernoise 25 february 2012
Hey, everybody! We are going to begin working on some new things here in our stu-stu-studio very soon. Exciting things, extremely exciting things!!

After being offline for far too long, our beloved Flickernoise Studios has regained it's rightful Death Star status: A Fully. Operational. Battle. Station. So, we are getting back to it. Posthaste. As soon as there is something new for you guys to to hear, this is the space where you will hear it.

Got that? Exclusively. Here.

Seriously, we've made damn near everything we record available to stream right here (for free, as is only right and natural in this day and age) on Radio Free LMC, which you can find just by clicking here. And we will continue to post new material here at latemorningchild.com as it emerges, track by track.

If you'd like to get an email when those sorts of things happen, please visit our contact page and drop us a line - mention "subscribe" in your message, and we'll add you to our email list. Anytime something cool is going on with Late Morning Child, we'll let you know first. And, considering our work rate, you sure don't have to worry about getting a lot of spam from us! Hahaha... ummm...

Anyway, we just wanted to post something music-related, to remind us all that LMC remains a formidable, shadowy musical force. Just like Supertramp.

:::::::♥  ~l.m. childe

-|-|- -   -    -     -      -       in heavy rotation: february 02 february 2012
Here's what we have been polluting our ears and minds with recently. Please to enjoy.

what's making the rounds in the lmc think tank:

·  frankie rose: interstellar
·  first aid kit: the lion's roar
·  m83: hurry up, we're dreaming
·  widowspeak: widowspeak
·  sleigh bells: reign of terror
·  sharon van etten: tramp
·  tears for fears: tears roll down
·  ministry: psalm 69
·  kurt vile: smoke ring for my halo

:::::::♥  ~l.m. childe

-|-|- -   -    -     -      -       random happiness: things jon-paul likes 27 january 2012
Hey what's up this is Jon-Paul. You know, from the band. Layte Mornin' Kidz. Hi. How's it going?

The killjoys in the City Council say that I ought to use this space to share some of the minor obsessions I commonly harbor, instead of hollering at cars from the overpass (which, believe it or not, is actually a highly effective method of social networking). Here are some of the shiny objects currently consuming my attention... Some of these are links, by the way, so if an item turns yellow when you move over it, click the hell out of it.


«  adventure time with finn and jake (television)
·  karl pilkington (affable savant)
·  maudlin madeline (canine superfriend)
·  matt taibbi - griftopia (book)
·  rhinovirus (band, baltimore md. - c. 1993-96)
·  sierra nevada pale ale (beer)
·  howard tuttleman (online super-reviewer, teenage genious)
·  real time with bill maher - new rules (television)
·  the twilight zone 1959-64 original series (television)
·  baltimore ravens (sport)
·  seattle sounders fc (sport)

:::::::Ω  ~jon-paul [childe]

-|-|- -   -    -     -      -       scenes from the class struggle 27 september 2011
They only call it "class warfare" when we fight back... So, fight back:
With certainty, with conviction, and always (always) a sensible dash of reckless abandon.

This godforsaken war of fiscal attrition must end.

: : : : : : :   O C C U P Y   E V E R Y T H I N G   : : : : : : :

:::::::†  ~anonymous [childe]

-|-|- -   -    -     -      -       in heavy rotation: july 11 july 2011
Wow, it's only taken us four months to throw some new-ish (and some old-ish) stuff on the iPod, and make a post about it. Just goes to show that our website isn't the only thing we neglect to update...

what's spinning on the lmc hi-fi:

·  wye oak: civilian
·  cults: cults
·  viva voce: the future will destroy you
·  peter gabriel: so
·  bon iver: bon iver, bon iver
·  beach house: teen dream
·  the rosebuds: loud planes fly low
·  warpaint: the fool
·  tamaryn: the waves
·  mogwai: hardcore will never die, but you will
·  the tallest man on earth: the tallest man on earth
·  the joy formidable: the big roar

:::::::♥  ~l.m. childe

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